Lighting for DIY retailers is similar to that of general retail - in that the purpose of the lighting system is to create a differentiating customer experience and at the same time, trigger purchase impulses to increase revenue.

However, given their sheers size, the type of luminaires used differ from smaller footprint retailers. Here, continuous line or trunking systems are recommended, because they allow for maximum flexibility and, most importantly, simplicity.

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  • Maximum energy efficiency from using LED-based luminaires with precise optics that focus beams precisely on the merchandise, minimizing wasted light.

  • Special colors for various types of merchandising, enhance products value perception, stimulating sales.


Entrances & Reception

Choose luminaires with elegant and inviting design. Use cool light temperatures for retail and warmer temperatures for hotels and restaurants.

Sales-floor Area

Track lights equipped with FAS special color are the best option for an inviting and sales-inducing atmosphere. 



For Dedeman, one of Romania’s largest retail chains, Greentek proposed to use an inteligent LED lighting system from the beginning, to measure how much the cost reductions would be and how easy it would be to implement it. We fitted the center's interior spaces - including the shop but also the storage spaces - with Lenyk and Galaxy Blade linear luminaries, with a very high color temperature, simulating the daylight. The outside spaces were equipped with Myriaky flood lights, four lamps per pole making the darkness disappear. Highly illuminated, the parking lot presented no more danger of accidents caused by bad visibility, not to mention the feeling of increased security by eliminating the darkness. Greentek LED lights use generally 50-70% less energy, compared to the traditional lamps, so the energy efficiency was noticed very fast. 
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Leroy Merlin

Leroy Merlin is a French home-improvement and gardening retailer serving thirteen countries. It was founded in 1923. Established on the outskirts of major towns and cities, Leroy Merlin stores are large centers (9000 m2 on average) providing self-service and sales assisted services. Its business is centered on six main sectors: DYI, building, gardening, sanitary equipment, energy and interior decoration. Greentek Lighting is one of the main lighting suppliers for Leroy Merlin chain, starting with Romania and expanding into other countries as well. For each of LM’s sector as well as for their offices, Greentek provided the lighting concept, technical consultancy, and the corresponding luminaires. For the indoor spaces – we mostly used Lanka – our flexible trunking system of luminaires, able to be placed in a continuous row. For retail spaces, trunking systems are a staple – since they provide the perfect, flexible system for low or high shelving rows. Also, various optics available at different angles – 30 /60 / 90 degrees or double-asymmetric lenses allow for very little light to be wasted on the floor. Thus, the beam is directed towards the merchandising displayed on the shelving. In this area, the Lanka system provided on average 750 lx – a high level of horizontal illuminance in order to help shoppers find what they were looking for. For office spaces – we used Juniper – recessed luminaires providing a high uniformity of light. For the gardening area, set outdoors – we installed Myriaky flood luminaires on the façade of the building. For the canopied area above, we provided Casey – a sturdy IP65 luminaire, with protection against humidity, dust, and extreme temperatures. Considering that most shoppers come here during daylight hours, the average illuminance is lower – around 200lx.
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