Our history

Our history is not long. But our speed in product innovation, growth and the number of satisfied customers is something to be proud of.

Greentek was founded in 2009, as a Romanian luminaire manufacturer focusing exclusively on LED lighting. Why? Because we foresaw the power that LEDs bring to illumination: massive efficiencies ultimately helping the environment and amazing flexibility in controls, making illumination an uniquely personal affair. And, more recently, the power of wi-fi over light fields and the IoT world, enabling useful solutions.

Since then, we stayed true to our “Made in Europe” mantra – over 80% of our luminaire components are made in Europe, to preserve the quality and the craft of local manufacturers.

And, unlike other luminaire manufacturers, we decided to offer our customers a 360 (degree) solution. We don’t just produce luminaires but we also install them, customize them, fit them and service them. Our customers have the peace of mind that they’re in good hands whatever their lighting need is.

These principles helped us win projects with some of Europe’s largest retail chains from Transgourmet to Leroy Merlin. Further, their trust, extended our reach from Brazil to South Africa. And all this with virtually zero marketing and advertising spend. Just word-of-mouth.

So here’s how we do it:

We’re creative and technical

Whether it’s electric light integration or daylight design, fixture design, custom controls or Internet of Things solutions, we draw from a large pool of design talent to execute the best solution possible for every client – from retail to industrial sectors and everything in between.

We’re “get it done”

No matter the lighting challenge our clients encounter, every member of our team has the responsibility and the authority to solve it as soon as possible and as perfectly as possible for complete client satisfaction. We just do it.

We’re passionate

We love the artistry of light and its power to create experiences. We balance this with curiosity, integrity and passion for a job well-done, to help our clients succeed.

We are listeners

We pay attention, we discuss, we advise. We’re never the “take it or leave it” type. We value your ideas, plans and objectives, then put all this knowledge into the perfect lighting project, collaborating with designers, architects, constructors, marketing teams and boards.

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