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Luminaire design

Greentek developed in its R&D lab a series of beautiful, clean, elegant luminaires fit for the modern aesthetics prevalent in today’s designs. Yet, if you require a certain type of LED luminaire, we can custom-build it according to your specifications. We can customize the housing design and its color, its temperature color, power, light efficiency and other parameters.

The process from idea to the first prototype is quite fast. Usually, it’s a collaborative process between designers, our light engineers and client representatives.

Alternatively, you can let one of our amazing product designers come up with a luminaire that will take your breath away. We work with some of the best designers in Romania who design luminaires exclusively for Greentek.

Lab testing

All our luminaires are thoroughly tested in our state-of-the art testing facility. Each luminaire is tested for thermal, mechanical, electrical and optical faults as well as for luminaire-specific application requirements such as water and dust proofing.

Electrical testing – these tests include driver efficiency, transient analysis such as surge, and in-rush and hot-plug. Our comprehensive power analysis covers power factor, high potential or dielectric breakdown, and dimmer compatibility tests.

Optical testing includes a series of photometric parameters such as: total spectral flux, luminous flux, luminous efficacy, radiant flux, chromaticity, CCT, CRI, spectral distribution spatial color uniformity.

Site survey

Before project start, your dedicated Account Manager or Project Manager visits your facility to assess and document your existing lighting system, light requirements, natural luminaires, electrical system, mounting solutions, ceiling types as well as possible risks posed by venting pipes or other installations. The ensuing report is handed over to our design and technical design teams.

Light concept design

When lighting design is deferred to the gray area between architecture and electrical engineering without a designated consultant to assure integration and quality, the missing asset of thoughtful, efficient and well-designed lighting can have lasting negative effects on the overall value of a project. 

When a project is commissioned our light designers are the first to assess the site report, the project objectives and market focus, as well as the general design project – to make sure that we not only deliver luminaires but make light a main contributor to your business success. As you know, the right type of light, in the right quantity – can tremendously help sales, productivity and customer experience as well as impact your brand. 

Technical design & consultancy

Next, our team of technical light designers helps develop a luminaire plan given specific client objectives as well as application type.

We carefully consider each area of your space – be it the fresh meat area of a grocery store or the relaxation room within your office space – from displays, to wall type, ceiling height, presence of natural day-light, space usage and so on. Ultimately, we provide you with a light plan simulation and recommended products, fit for your project type.

After luminaires have been installed, our engineers also help you customize various parameters for intelligent lighting solutions such as motion sensors or light harvesting.

We also work with a variety of interior designers, architects and agencies, making sure our lighting solutions also fulfill the aesthetic desired effect or that they match the personality of your brand.

On-site implementation & project management

On-site implementation is done either by Greentek electrical on-site teams, or, by the client’s desired partner. In the former case – we take care of every step of the implementation, coordinating with other building facility providers. This service ensures rapid implementation, reduced time-to-market and project savings.

In the latter case, your dedicated Account Manager supervises all implementation work, on site. Thus, we ensure that all luminaires have been mounted correctly, according to the technical project. 

Light fitting

After all luminaires have been installed, Greentek engineers complete the project by doing a function test and performance monitoring of the lighting systems. All luminaires are checked for a final fitting – ensuring that the beam angle is shone exactly where desired, after all displays or office furniture have been mounted. We also adjust sensor systems and other intelligent lighting parameters according to the building structure, office schedule, daylight-based management and blinds management. 


After project commissioning, Greentek engineers prepare a detailed project documentation, which is then handed over to the client. Additionally, we provide training sessions with the client staff responsible for the electrical part or the building facility managers. Here, we walk them through each part of the project, common troubleshooting issues, light fitting, sensor management or other connected lightening services that may have been installed.

Financing solutions

For more flexible funding of your lighting system update, you can now choose to spread the cost with our financing solutions and tailor-made purchasing schemes.

IoT connected lighting solutions

Greentek is one of the first companies to participate in the IoT partner incubation program launched by Microsoft in Romania, with the aim of building intelligent lighting solutions for retail, office and street applications.

Built on the Microsoft cloud platform hyper-scale capabilities and world-class skills in our partner ecosystem, these solutions will be designed to enable innovation at a global scale.

The first IoT intelligent lighting system Greentek developers are working on - is aimed at the grocery and retail industries. The solution helps retailers with consumer segmentation based on shopping behavior and past purchases, real-time instore, personalized marketing promotions and enhanced customer experience through Wi-Fi store blanket and orientation services.

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5-year warranty

Of course, all our luminaires come with a 5-year “no-matter-what-guarantee.

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