Track Spotlights and Downlights

Track spotlights include a wide range of indoor spotlights used for directional and accent lighting. Highly suitable for displays that require special color temperatures. Mounted on tracks, easily adjustable, require very little technical effort should they be rearranged. The housing comes in three color options – black, gray and white – to fit the particular environment.

Recessed Directional Spotlights

Recessed directional spotlights blend unobtrusively into the ceiling, allowing maximum flexibility in directing the beam of light, either with narrow focus or a wall washing effect. Very low maintenance and eco-friendly.

Recessed Downlights and Spotlights

Recessed downlights and spotlights blend seamlessly into the ceiling, concentrating light either as a downward floodlight or narrow spotlight. They allow for special color temperatures for food, fashion and art and AGI.

Gimbal Recessed Spotlights

Gimbal recessed spotlights are extremely flexible and have the ability to keep the light beam stable in any situation. They are discreet with a pleasant design, able to blend in a large number of spaces, from offices, and restaurants to art exhibitions. 

Surface Mounted and Suspended Downlights

A range of downlights that can be either mounted or suspended, according to ceiling type and architectural requirements.

Trunking System

Continuous-row systems provide maximum flexibility for large, open space illumination. Highly versatile, they allow for either individual lenses or other types of luminaires to be easily mounted.

Track Linear Luminaires

A collection of luminaires that can be mounted on our own very flexible track system.

Surface Mounted & Suspended Luminaires

Designed for ceilings with height restrictions or suspended from high ceilings, Greentek luminaires provide the perfect light for any type of environment. Due to the different color temperatures and lens angles, they provide high level of visual comfort

Recessed Luminaires

The recessed luminaires fit perfect into any kind of ceiling and can be used for office or commercial purposes. They have sound-absorbing properties. Free of a visible light source.

Shelf Luminaires

Designed for supermarkets, DYIs, and other large retail spaces, linear luminaires are suitable for any type of cabinet, display cases or shelves. They successfully replace fluorescent tubes, with better light quality and without flicker.

Damp-proof Luminaires

Industrial grade luminaires, designed for high dust, humidity or extreme temperatures. The clean lines and structural look make them suitable also for civil or commercial spaces. 

Outdoor Luminaires

With extreme weather protection and efficient design, outdoor luminaires are fit for public and private parking spaces, façade illumination or industrial and logistic applications. These luminaires reduce the energy required to light outdoor spaces by as much as 65%, with increased visual comfort.

High-Bay Luminaires

Luminaires for industrial applications: factories, warehouses, showrooms or environments with extreme temperatures. They deliver the perfect combination of low energy consumption and a very good quality of light.

Refrigerators and Freezers Luminaires

Greentek luminaires deliver crisp, bright light that creates attractive food displays in all types of freezers and refrigerators, including walk-in refrigerated areas.

Tracks and accessories

A comprehensive list of tracks and accessories suitable for track luminaires.

Safety & Emergency Luminaires

Safety and emergency lighting luminaires indicate the closest exit points in case of an emergency. They can be mounted on the wall, recessed or suspended on the ceiling. 

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