Product description

Liwa is a high-impact resistance luminaire suitable for very wet or for very cold environments such as freeze warehouses. Its adjustable beam angle (30/60/90 degrees) makes it suitable for very tall warehouses where the beam can be adjusted to shine the light precisely on the shelves. With an IP68 protection factor.

Liwa damp-proof luminaires come in several series, with various add-on and controls:

  • Liwa TEC – the standard for any project in the retail sectors
  • Liwa TEC-EM - series with emergency lighting kit
  • Liwa ECO-DALI– with DALI controls for dimming

Features and Benefits

  • CRI 80 as standard
  • 4 color temperatures: 3000K, 4000K, 5000K and 6500K
  • Long rated life – L90/B10 at 50,000h 
  • High luminaire efficiency: 157 lm/W @4000K
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Technical data

Ø100 x 1544 mm
Working Temperature
-28°C ... +45°C / -18.4F ... +113F
Housing color
Color Rendering
CRI 80
Protection class
Safety Class 1
IK Code
IP Factor
Housing materials
Polycarbonate & Steel

Applications & References

Grocery & Supermarket

Selling groceries is a highly competitive business. Consumers have a lot of options on their hands, from small corner shops and specialty stores to large hypermarkets and even online shopping. It’s no wonder that the new competitive edge for retailers, is the customer experience.

Lighting has the power to transform the customer experience and therefore influencing purchases. Light can attract attention, guide the eyes and the footsteps and showcase products at their best in full-color, mouth-watering shades.

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Industrial & Logistics

Industrial applications are very challenging to illuminate given the sheer variety of tasks and specific requirements. Manufacturing activities vary significantly – a beer factory is totally different to an auto-parts manufacturer or to a high-tech medical appliance factory.

After years of research, we are very aware of the variety of options and applications in the industrial field, thus we are able to use custom, modular, highly efficient LED lighting solutions that fulfill all the roles a state-of-the-art industrial lighting system should encompass.

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LED luminaires built for efficiency and durability.

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