LED luminaires built for efficiency and durability.

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  • Safety and higher visibility for both drivers and pedestrians

  • Better uniformity and powerful lighting that reduces shadows and dark corners

  • Cost-effective and sustainable lighting solution with low maintenance 


Parking Places

Use high-power LED luminaires with an IP65 factor and protection agains dust, high temperatures and humidity.


Losan Outdoor

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Baneasa Shopping City

For our client Baneasa Shopping City, the challenge was to create an energy efficient and powerful lighting system for its outdoor parking space. The lighting system aimed to provide high visibility and safety for both drivers and pedestrians. We approached a LED lighting solution that would give the client the opportunity to reduce energy costs. It also became possible to create an optimal bright night-time lighting that will help drivers recognize their cars easily and find their way outside the shopping center's parking. We installed 98 of our powerful Starkly luminaires with 150-degree beam angle, 4000K color temperature and 170W on the lighting poles. We also installed 144 Myriaky luminaires with 130-degree beam angle, 4000K color temperature and 170W. This way, we achieved an optimal level of illuminance for the parking and we avoided shades and dark corners that were previously present in the parking area and made customers feel unsafe. Our lighting system for large parking spaces guarantees uniformity, safety, and visual comfort, while at the same time providing higher energy savings, low maintenance, and long-life.
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Coresi Mall

For Coresi Mall in Brasov, Romania - Greentek equipped the outdoor parking area with 456 Starkly luminaires.
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