Lighting influences desire, purchases and the memory of the shopping experience.

Light is powerful. More powerful than any of us think. In the retail sector light is a decisive factor in helping customers browse, choose, buy and afterward, remember fondly the shopping experience. They may not be able to explain what it was that enchanted them, but we know: it’s the light. Because in retail, the way you showcase items, the visual part of the experience, is one of the most important.

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  • Suitable for all store areas: general lighting, task lighting, accent lighting and decorative lighting 

  • Special color temperature luminaires ensure high saturation colors, while staying true to the natural shades: FAS, ART or AGI Class A light

  • No IR or UV emissions that can fade the colors of the items displayed

  • No heat emissions that attract dust in unwanted places.

  • Beautiful, high-tech, luminaires that suit any architectural or design project


Store Windows

Use recessed spotlights or track spotlights with special color for fashion FAS. Make sure luminaires are adjustable to any window design.

Sales-floor Area

Track lights equipped with FAS special color are the best option for an inviting and sales-inducing atmosphere. 


Rompetrol Hei&Gourmet

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Ototo is a really hip and cool retail store, proudly presenting beautiful independent brands. Accompanying their love for design, we provided premium lighting for the two stores in the central areas of Bucharest. Our luminaires bring joy to the place, look amazing and accentuate their beautiful products.
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Oliver Weber

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Iris Mall Corridor area

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Cristallini Consiglieri

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Claire's Shop

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Baneasa Shopping City - Feeria Gallery

Established in 2006, Feeria Gallery wished to be set as a shopping milestone for Bucharest's commercial galleries, acquiring a steady evolution over the past 12 years. Now part of the commercial center Baneasa Shopping City, Feeria Gallery has strengthened its position in recent years and comprises a 32,000 square meters space, including a Carrefour hypermarket and 75 stores. Feeria Gallery is a point of reference for the Romanian retail. At the moment it includes a wide range of tenants: from shopping stores (jewelry, footwear, women, children, and men clothing and shoes, etc.), to services (banks, dry-cleaners, Carrefour hypermarket, telephone services providers, pharmacies, and optical shops, etc.). Our approach for Feeria Gallery targeted a good lighting system that would highlight the gallery design and create the best environment for its customers. The aim was to make them spend as much time as possible inside the shopping center. More, lighting design is responsible for setting the mood and enhancing their shopping experience. Once entering the main corridor of the shopping center, the customer is amazed by the high ceiling and the large space that opens in front of him. For this purpose, lighting is also an important tool that guides the shoppers through the gallery hall and its adjacent areas. For a dynamic illumination of the architectural ceiling, we installed recessed Juniper downlights & Raylan spotlights with 3000 K and 30 W. Juniper is a compact ceiling-recessed luminaire that provides high illuminance through its 75-degree beam angle and good homogeneity for the main corridor. This way, optimal general lighting is achieved, together with a warm and comfortable atmosphere.   Raylan is a discreet recessed spotlight suitable for lower ceilings where you need precise lighting effects. The spotlight smoothly blends into the general interior design and highlights the architectural features, providing a subtle yet precise illumination. The creativity of the design and the use of colors on the upper areas of the walls are highlighted by dramatic lighting effects. More, all the tenants receive direct lighting that specifically highlights the display windows and the distinctive design elements of each brand.
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Irina Schrotter

Designing the light for an upscale fashion brand Irina Schrotter is a Romanian fashion designer who develops an upscale fashion line with a clean aesthetic. The majority of the pieces are black, white or gray or toned-down neutrals. Irina Schrotter stores can be found all across the globe – from Soho, New York to Lugano, Switzerland. For her flagship store in Romania’s largest fashion mall – Baneasa Shopping City – Greentek developed the light concept and installed a range of luminaires equipped with FAS – a special light color developed exclusively for clothing and accessories. FAS is a special light that renders colors exceptionally well, together with textures and different finishes. Thus, clothing is shown at its best, as if under natural daylight. In addition, FAS has no UV emission, protecting the clothes against photodegradation. For this project, Greentek design team imagined a central ceiling area equipped with meandering track lights with a 45-degree beam angle. Each of the tracks can be individually fitted to shine the light on various displays – allowing for maximum store flexibility. With each collection, the shop may be rearranged, thus lighting is easily adjustable without requiring specialized help. Track spotlights were also fitted in the windows, because here again, displays change frequently. The ceiling is also equipped on the sides with recessed directional spotlights – Raylan and Ledomero. The fitting rooms have the same type of FAS light, in order to keep shades similar – both on the shop floor when a customer chooses a piece and at the moment when a shopper tries them on.
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Maria Lucia Hohan

Luxury lighting for the most delicate dresses Maria Lucia Hohan is the Romanian designer who took the world by storm with her dresses being worn by the likes of Jennifer Lopez, Kate Bosworth, Beyoncé, Eva Longoria, Kate Hudson and Nicole Kidman. For her hometown showroom, Maria chose Greentek and its line of special fashion light (FAS) to illuminate the precious environment. Greentek installed Chase track spotlights with a narrow-angle of 30 degrees at a ceiling height of 2.8m. The illuminance level has its highest point at 300 lx – considering this is a high-end showroom where guest should feel pampered and intimate enough to stay and try on several dresses. 
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