Handrail Lighting

Product description

Linear luminaire designed for handrail lighting. Very good color rendering index – 95. It’s simple to install with fixing plates. Available in 3 lengths – 600mm, 1200mm and 1700mm, to fit any type of refrigerator or cabinet.

Features & benefits

  • Plug & Play solution with the Quick Connection System (QCS)
  • Directional lighting ensuring that light falls on the merchandise on display.
  • Excellent product lighting thanks to the combination of SMD LED´s and different optics
  • Cooling profile made of anodized, extruded aluminum
  • LED modules protected against moisture & dust by sealing with varnish
  • Dimmable
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Technical data

1700mm / 1200mm / 600mm
Working Temperature
-20C°... +45C° / -4F ... +113F
Housing color
Anodised grey
Color Rendering
CRI 95
Protection class
Safety Class 3
IP Factor
Housing materials
Aluminium & Polycarbonate

Applications & References

Grocery & Supermarket

Selling groceries is a highly competitive business. Consumers have a lot of options on their hands, from small corner shops and specialty stores to large hypermarkets and even online shopping. It’s no wonder that the new competitive edge for retailers, is the customer experience.

Lighting has the power to transform the customer experience and therefore influencing purchases. Light can attract attention, guide the eyes and the footsteps and showcase products at their best in full-color, mouth-watering shades.

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