Kinetic Light Switch S

Product description

Elevate your lighting infrastructure with our advanced DARA Control system, seamlessly integrating kinetic switches for fast and precise control. We are proud to integrate EnOcean's innovative EasyfitBLE Switches, which operate without the need for power or batteries.


With DARA Lighting, our intuitive lighting system, administrators can effortlessly configure desired actions for short or long button presses. Enjoy the convenience and flexibility of our integrated accessories.


Experience unparalleled customization as you can easily add pre-configured light scenes, adjust dim levels for individual lamps or groups, and explore a variety of long-press actions. Smooth dimming transitions and dynamic warm/cool lighting adjustments are just a button press away.


Discover how our DARA Control system and EasyfitBLE Switches can transform your lighting experience, offering exceptional convenience and versatility for your lighting infrastructure.


Explore our range of accessories and unlock endless possibilities for controlling and optimizing your lighting environment. Welcome to the world of seamless integration.

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