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Featured product: Amyas TRK, the elegant track spotlight


This pendant spotlight mounted on track comes with an elegant and clean design. Includes specialized options for food, fashion, art, hospitality (AMB2200, Sunset) and AGI light. Covers the full bandwidth of lighting requirements in shops, art galleries and museums. See details for Amyas TRK 

Maria Lucia Hohan - retail lighting case study


Maria Lucia Hohan is the Romanian designer who took the world by storm with her dresses being worn by famous Hollywood stars. Implementing an exclusive presentation of the colorful dresses required a lighting design based on a wide spectrum of light distribution, faithful color rendering, and consistent light color. Featuring FAS, our special light color. 

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4 Irresistible Reasons You Should Choose a LED Lighting System for Your Fashion Store


Retailers worldwide are all looking for ways to create the perfect store experience and reduce operating expenses at the same time. This is why, a LED-based lighting system is the right answer to their challenges. LED lighting systems allow retailers to tailor lighting to a certain moment of the day, to a day of the week and even according to the type of merchandise.
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