DARA and LUMITECH form a Strategic Partnership for Smart Lighting

  • new cooperation aims to create and enhance human centric light, challenging and expanding the traditional smart lighting focus on energy efficiency
  • launch of revolutionary DARA App at Light + Building Frankfurt 2018, AG.0, Stand B.20, the world's most important fair for technical lighting products and technologies.

Looking into the future, DARA – Greentek’s flagship Iot product -  and LUMITECH Produktion und Entwicklungs GmbH unveil new possibilities for professional lighting management. DARA Lighting is a unique software platform that uses intelligent lighting infrastructure to orchestrate innovative business processes by leveraging the power of IoT. The cornerstone of DARA Lighting is the DARA L device, an intelligent controller that connects and controls thousands of DALI luminaires. The lighting infrastructure can be managed anytime and from everywhere, through apps for iOS and Android phones and tablets. Due to DARA L device’s dual capabilities, control can be done locally, via Bluetooth Low Energy or remotely via Wi-Fi connection.

Thanks to the cooperation with LUMITECH, DARA app is enriched with bright new intelligent lighting features thus expanding the traditional smart lighting focus on energy efficiency towards human centric lighting and intelligent light colors. The new cutting – edge DARA app will be presented for the first time at Lumitech’s stand at the Light and Building in Frankfurt and can be seen and tested in combination with innovative features for PI-LED technology.

Victor Cotruz, Co-Founder and CEO DARA: “Our mission is to provide our partners with an innovative, cost effective, wireless and non-proprietary digital alternative to manage their lighting infrastructure. I am proud to contribute to enhance the value that light brings to society by launching DARA Lighting, our new IoT product, together with Lumitech, our long-standing partner.”

Stefan Tasch, Founder and CEO Lumitech: “Human Centric Lighting is one of the most important features of Smart Lighting. To my perspective DARA system integrates it seamlessly, perfectly complementing its core capabilities. This is why we have chosen to introduce DARA technology to our customers as the exclusive sales channel.”

About DARA

Building on competences as critical thinking, self-awareness collaboration, creation, empathy and initiative DARA is able to move from lighting to enlightening, expanding the company with a top team of IoT engineers.

DARA offers smart lighting solutions for our customers and partners, that integrate devices, features and services into a single multi-industry platform. DARA IoT system facilitates control between a full range of devices, generating a full and robust optimization of consumption.



LUMITECH is a specialist in the field of LED technology and positions itself as a leading innovator and developer


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