Fresh light for fresh food! How to properly light a grocery store

Shopping is increasingly becoming a leisure-time activity. And people desire more memorable shopping experiences as their time becomes genuinely important. In grocery stores and supermarkets, shoppers naturally associate the good appearance of food with good taste and quality.

Why is lighting so important? Because with light we create incredible customer experiences and efficient stores that help saving money and protect the environment. And we also enhance the shopping atmosphere and the brand's value.

Lighting is also important when it comes to highlighting products and showcasing the groceries in the most favorable way. A well-planned lighting system creates a great atmosphere, guides the shoppers and brings the food products into the spotlight. Moreover, fruit and vegetables look appealing and fresh with an accent on feeling tasty! 

Even if we are talking about a supermarket, a hypermarket chain or the small shop next to your house, they all have different areas of importance. It becomes essential to provide sufficient light for the main areas in the store, the shelves and the product gondolas. And to put less light on the floors, for example.  


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A well-planned lighting system for your store consists of various components: the latest technologies, a custom lighting design that fits your store arrangement and light controls. They all have the mission to enhance the shopping experience, guide the customer and increase sales. 

We'll give you the best tips on how to illuminate each area of the store and suggestions on what light special colors you should use to highlight the appearance of each food group. Enjoy your reading!

In the entrance area, the bright light invites customers in and attracts their attention. A suitable illumination level (lx) removes the inhibitions to enter the store and provides guidance for the shoppers.

The right light in the cashier's area provides more clarity and comfort for the employees. In this area, you should use luminaires with a lower UGR so the employees and the customers don't feel disturbed by the glare. A track can enable you to mount as many linear luminaires as needed in order to obtain the optimal lx level. Discover a versatile track collection that enables you to achieve the most flexible lighting system, here.


Following the main corridors, the light guides the customers through the sales area. This is also where the shelving area starts. The bright light makes it easy to create a festive atmosphere in which each assortment is highlighted at its best. In the shelving area, you will find sweet puddings and cakes, mince pies, chocolate Christmas trees and pine cones. Their colorful red, gold, silver and blue packages become even more appealing to the customers looking for tasty Christmas food. In the shelving area, the lighting should be vertical and uniform over the entire height of the shelves. And the floor should be less illuminated than the shelves. This way, the attention is directed mainly towards the presented goods.


The Holiday season allows for every supermarket to design a feast for the senses with shining decorations & ornaments, wreaths, garlands, colorful & aromatic candles and everything else that glitters. In this special area, the artificial Christmas tree is beautifully highlighted with the brightest AGI light, a special color which is very appropiate for warm hues and will bring joy and cheer for the visitors. 


The fruit and vegetables section is easy to notice that it's the most colorful area in the supermarket. This area is filled in with exotic fruits such as red pomegranates, green avocados, redcurrants and clementines together with appealing vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots and broccoli. And LED spotlights mounted on track bring out their bright colors and textures you can almost taste. Fruits and vegetables require a good deal of skill in order to present their wide range of colors in the best appearance. And special colors with a warm light are ideal for this task. BVF is a is a warm yellow special light designed to show the fruit and vegetables in their natural, intense state - shiny and fresh. Of course, for fruit and vegetables AGI light might be used.


Wine is one of the most appreciated drinks during winter. And quality wine should be presented in quality surroundings as well. Using a special light color such as FBS, the perceptual value of the product will be enhanced. The wine bottles are beautifully reflected and the wine cellar effect can be created through a low lighting level and warm lighting colors association.


The right light in the fresh meat area should extensively focus on both the red meat and the brilliant white parts (the fat and the marble). At the same time, meat and meat specialties should not suffer from the light: they should not be touched by the heat emanated by the luminaires. Fortunately, the LEDs are free of heat emission. And the FSM light special color intuitively makes meat products seem fresher. 

The yellow and cream hues in the cheese and cheese specialties are showcased particularly well with warm special colors - the special light color BVF - is highly suitable here. The yellow shades stimulate the customers' appetite and we know that cheese is always welcomed at festive dinners. 


An ideal environment for bread, fresh baked goods, pastries is created through LEDs with warm light colors. FBS, a special warm light color, highlights the crunchy aspect of the bread's crust as if just taken out of the oven. 

Colorful pastries and sweet cakes are usually very heat sensitive, so LEDs are particularly needed here, apart from the great atmosphere they create. 


The ice sparkles while the fish shines in the freshest area in the store. For the fish and seafood area, a cool light (FSH) with a slightly higher brightness is required. You can also add warmer light for the smoked fish which have a brown skin.


In the frozen food section, cold light colors always make specialties such as the whole turkey crown with pork, red meat and frozen cakes more appealing. A particular shop design can be created in this area, thanks to linear luminaires that can be suspended above the freezers. The special light color FZM brings out the red and pink hues even if the meat is packed in protective transparent film. It also makes sure the meat preserve its fresh appearance and make customers feel happy about their choice.  

In conclusion, the fresher your products look, the more appealing it will be for your customers. And more sales will be generated. As you are enhancing the customers' experience in the store, you should think about the comfort and the clarity they need. And to focus on how to make every department and different types of food stand out and look delicious. 

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