Transgourmet Office

Transgourmet Holding is the specialist in supplying large-scale consumers from the hospitality industry. With a focus on fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, frozen food, fish, seafood and fresh meat, Transgourmet is one of the leading companies on the market.

Greentek took the challenge to provide a LED lighting system that would support all the functions of the mobile, collaborative workforce that will occupy the new office building, a workforce who demands comfort and privacy as well as openness and flexibility.

The centerpiece of the lighting concept is the complete automatization of the lighting system. There are absolutely no switches mounted on the walls, the whole illumination being controlled by sensors.

Through daylight harvesting, the LED lighting system is designed to make the most of the natural daylight. Our sensors measure the natural light, throughout the day, adjusting the intensity of the LED lighting system.

In Transgourmet Office building, the sensors have predefined profiles for specific rooms: open spaces, meeting rooms, corridors, and bathrooms. Our sensors provide efficient lighting by dimming up the light if someone travels the corridors or enters an office room and dimming down the illumination if there is no movement.


For the staircase that connects the basement with the upper floors, we used the corridor function. This function sequentially lights up luminaires one by one, effectively following the movement of employees. The illumination level for corridors is about 150-300 lux depending on corridor type. We used Artus R and Juniper S - a white recessed luminaire with an optimized mechanical and electrical design that offers a high illuminance level and high uniformity.


For the open workspaces and individual offices where the average illuminance level is 500 lx - we chose Kaypro troffers. Kaypro creates a modern office environment and provides maximum visual comfort.


In the meeting rooms, where the recommended average illuminance level is about 500 lx - we used Artus S, a suspended luminaire for a pleasant light and a discreet design.


For the appealing bistro area - we used Artus R. Artus R is a recessed luminaire with 4000K that offers a mellow, diffuse light for a cozy atmosphere where employees can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing break. Artus R is mounted here in the wooden beams that visually separate the three functional areas - the corridor, the reception area and the bistro.

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