Product description

Freya is a LED framing projector, “mini” construction size. Equipped with a lens system for high quality accent lighting in museums and
exhibition spaces. The objective lens is retractable from the spotlight housing to adjust the focus.

The low voltage adapter contains the electronics that converts constant voltage (48 V) to constant current for the luminaire. It rotates
through 360°, pivots through 90°. Easy to mount without tools to the low voltage track.

Freya has several series, determined by various add-on and controls:

  • Freya Non-DALI: the standard for any project in the retail sector
  • Freya DALI: with DALI controls for illumination adjustment
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Technical data

Working Temperature
-20C°... +45C° / -4F ... +113F
Housing color
RAL 9005 - Jet Black
RAL 9016 - Traffic white
Color Rendering
CRI 80
Protection class
Safety Class 1
IK Code
IP Factor
Housing materials
Aluminium & Glass

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