Sola M

Product description

Tubular suspended luminaire with an interesting slim silhouette. Sola M is not only geometrically interesting, its sleek design blends with a wide range of environments. Perfectly balanced, it brings harmony into contemporary interior designs. Best suitable for minimalist interiors and applications from the hospitality sector - hotels, restaurants, receptions. Despite its narrow shape, it emits plenty of light thanks to the latest LED technology.

Available in two series, with different add-ons and controls:

  • Sola M Non-DALI – the standard for any project in the retail sector
  • Sola M DALI – with DALI controls for illumination adjustments


  •  CRI ≥ 80 as standard, up to 95 for special color temperatures
  • 9 color temperatures, special color temperatures included
  • Optics – a wide range of angle beams ( 15°, 24°, 38°, 60°)
  • Dimmable (only for DALI Series)


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Technical data

Ø71x300 mm
Working Temperature
-20°C ... +45°C / -4F ... +113F
14W / 20W
Housing color
RAL 9006 - White aluminium
RAL 9005 - Jet Black
RAL 9003 - Signal white
Color Rendering
CRI 80 / CRI 93 / CRI 95
Color Temperature
AGI3000 / AGI3500 / AGI4000
Protection class
Safety Class 1
IK Code
IP Factor
Housing materials
Aluminium & Glass

Applications & References

Grocery & Supermarket

Selling groceries is a highly competitive business. Consumers have a lot of options on their hands, from small corner shops and specialty stores to large hypermarkets and even online shopping. It’s no wonder that the new competitive edge for retailers, is the customer experience.

Lighting has the power to transform the customer experience and therefore influencing purchases. Light can attract attention, guide the eyes and the footsteps and showcase products at their best in full-color, mouth-watering shades.

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Lighting influences desire, purchases and the memory of the shopping experience.

Light is powerful. More powerful than any of us think. In the retail sector light is a decisive factor in helping customers browse, choose, buy and afterward, remember fondly the shopping experience. They may not be able to explain what it was that enchanted them, but we know: it’s the light. Because in retail, the way you showcase items, the visual part of the experience, is one of the most important.

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How we work and how offices look like as a result, has changed tremendously. From cubicles to open spaces, modular and flexible arrangements – workspace has started to reflect the needs of a more mobile, flat, collaborative workforce that demand comfort and privacy.

LED office lighting has to support several functions, beyond workforce requirements: it can showcase your brand and corporate culture, it can increase productivity, well-being, and happiness and finally, it creates significant savings, both in energy and maintenance effort.

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Hospitals and other healthcare facilities are one of the most difficult cases among lighting applications. Lighting has to cater to several categories of users while achieving substantial energy efficiencies.

Doctors and nurses have different lighting needs depending on the tasks performed – lighting in operating theaters is very different to that of nurses’ stations. And patients need lighting that is beneficial to their well-being, speeds recovery and preserves safety, particularly at night or for an older demographic.

On the other hand, healthcare facilities are among the most energy-intensive buildings, running 24/7. Thus, energy efficiency is a major source of cost savings, helping managers to direct funds to better medical equipment or training.

LED luminaires have the capacity to fulfill all these roles, being the perfect solution for modern-day hospitals.

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Industrial & Logistics

Industrial applications are very challenging to illuminate given the sheer variety of tasks and specific requirements. Manufacturing activities vary significantly – a beer factory is totally different to an auto-parts manufacturer or to a high-tech medical appliance factory.

After years of research, we are very aware of the variety of options and applications in the industrial field, thus we are able to use custom, modular, highly efficient LED lighting solutions that fulfill all the roles a state-of-the-art industrial lighting system should encompass.

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When it comes to hospitality lighting - the sky is the limit. Hotels, restaurants, pubs and resort - all vary a lot in concept, purpose, and design, thus lighting for hospitality is a case by case instance. The main focus should fall on the aesthetics of the place and the wellbeing of the guest, though.

For the hotelier, an added focus is the energy efficiency of the entire system - given that guest are not the most careful when it comes to shutting off lights. In addition, an intelligent lighting management system that enables you to adjust lighting according to presence is a huge benefit. Think of all the large areas that are infrequently visited such as long corridors, stairways, gyms or spas.

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Lighting for DIY retailers is similar to that of general retail - in that the purpose of the lighting system is to create a differentiating customer experience and at the same time, trigger purchase impulses to increase revenue.

However, given their sheers size, the type of luminaires used differ from smaller footprint retailers. Here, continuous line or trunking systems are recommended, because they allow for maximum flexibility and, most importantly, simplicity.

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LDT Range

Product code Lumens Efficiency CCT Download
276097 Sola M C34014/AGI3000/14W/93/A15 835 60 AGI3000 LDT
276098 Sola M C34014/AGI3500/14W/93/A15 885 64 AGI3500 LDT
276099 Sola M C34014/AGI4000/14W/93/A15 940 68 AGI4000 LDT
276109 Sola M C34014/AGI3000/20W/93/A15 1080 54 AGI3000 LDT
276110 Sola M C34014/AGI3500/20W/93/A15 1145 58 AGI3500 LDT
276111 Sola M C34014/AGI4000/20W/93/A15 1220 61 AGI4000 LDT
276100 Sola M C34014/AGI3000/14W/93/A24 835 60 AGI3000 LDT
276101 Sola M C34014/AGI3500/14W/93/A24 885 64 AGI3500 LDT
276102 Sola M C34014/AGI4000/14W/93/A24 940 68 AGI4000 LDT
276112 Sola M C34014/AGI3000/20W/93/A24 1080 54 AGI3000 LDT
276113 Sola M C34014/AGI3500/20W/93/A24 1145 58 AGI3500 LDT
276114 Sola M C34014/AGI4000/20W/93/A24 1220 61 AGI4000 LDT
276103 Sola M C34014/AGI3000/14W/93/A38 835 60 AGI3000 LDT
276104 Sola M C34014/AGI3500/14W/93/A38 885 64 AGI3500 LDT
276105 Sola M C34014/AGI4000/14W/93/A38 940 68 AGI4000 LDT
276115 Sola M C34014/AGI3000/20W/93/A38 1080 54 AGI3000 LDT
276116 Sola M C34014/AGI3500/20W/93/A38 1145 58 AGI3500 LDT
276117 Sola M C34014/AGI4000/20W/93/A38 1220 61 AGI4000 LDT

Technical Specifications

Sola M - DALI Series Sola M - Non-DALI Series

Installation Guides

Sola M


Special color temperatures


Sola M

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