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Featured product: Raylan Recessed Spotlight


This discreet recessed spotlight is suitable for low ceilings and sales-floor areas where precise lighting effects are needed. The spotlight smoothly blends into the general interior design and highlights the architectural features, providing a subtle yet precise illumination. Special colors for food, art, fashion, hospitality (AMB2200, Sunset) and AGI light make it perfect for the grocery stores and retail sectors.
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Grocery & Supermarket Lighting Case Study: FrischeParadies


FrischeParadies, this exquisite shop, is the place to be for restaurateurs, hobby chefs, and food lovers, offering over 12,000 products from 70 countries. Greentek designed and implemented a lighting concept that improves the customer experience in FrischeParadies and raises the brand's value. 

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Our track system is unique, highly flexible and energy efficient. It connects a full range of luminaires, controlled through DALI and personalized through our latest smart lighting solution. From large warehouses to art galleries and showrooms, there is great freedom to choose the appropriate lighting solutions for any application.

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