FrischeParadies, the exquisite shop, is the place to be for restaurateurs, hobby chefs, and food lovers, offering over 12,000 products from 70 countries. Basically, FrischeParadies is where one can shop for a wide range of fine ingredients, and Leipzig has now one of the ten delicacies markets located in Germany and Austria.

Greentek designed and implemented a lighting concept that improves the customer experience of FrischeParadies’ customers and raises the brand's value.

For the general lighting in the shop, we used Chase track spotlights, with 3000K and different optics of 60 and 90 degrees for a larger spread of light across the whole area.

For accent lighting – the kind of lighting that creates contrast and points of focus that attracts shoppers’ eyes, we used a full range of special colors, each tailored to the predominant color of the food group:

  • BVF special color for fruit, vegetables, pasta and cheese which enhances warm tones
  • FBS special color for fresh bread, pastries, and wine, that brings out the yellow shades
  • FSH for fresh fish and seafood and, which adds a cool tone to flesh and skin
  • FSM and FZM special colors for fresh meat and frozen meat, respectively


The special colors were installed on black track spotlights - Chase, with an angle of 60 degrees. Track spotlights are easily adjustable at 350 degrees, have a 90-degree tilt and require very little technical effort to maneuver: they can be easily moved in order to adjust the direction and the tilt of the beam without specialized help.

For the fresh fish and seafood area, the heart of every FrischeParadise shop, we chose the special color FSH for Chase and a 45-degree angle, to precisely aim the beam towards various fish displays on ice beds.

We completed the lighting design with Raylan spotlights, a recessed directional spotlight that blends unobtrusively into the ceiling, has high flexibility, and a narrow beam of 45 degrees.


The appealing bistro area stands out thanks to the contrast between the warm atmosphere, the light wooden furniture, the pastel painted walls and the black color accents. The ambiance has been achieved using the recessed Raylan spotlights with a narrow beam of 45 degrees, which focuses the light straight on the black menus and the appliances area.

In the cash desk area, we chose Artus suspended luminaire - with 3000K and a wide beam of 110 degrees mounted on a black track, for a mellow, pleasant light, that creates comfort for the workers and the customers.

The result of this light design work and implementation is a shop which creates an experience that stands out from the traditional food shopping: black ceilings, dark floors, black luminaries and special colors – all create an aura of preciousness and exclusivity.

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