1 Minute

1 Minute is a chain of snack shops catering to big office projects. They address the morning and lunch times with a wide range of products – sandwiches, fresh juices, viennoiserie, salads, desserts and snacks, as well as magazines, books and small gifts for busy employees.

Greentek Lighting provided the light concept design, the technical project as well as the luminaires for this brand. The general atmosphere required by the client was one of high energy – where people stop for a break, a quick bite or buy some takeaway lunch. This was not a space for lingering. As such, the general average illuminance in this store is very high – about 800 lx.

The store is divided into 6 areas that differ by purpose, therefore the illuminance also differs. Cash desks and display racks are highly illuminated – at about 850lx, in order to draw attention to the merchandise. The couch area and the corridors are less illuminated: 550-600lx.

Still, being a small footprint store, we used just two types of luminaires – in order to preserve a sense of unity and simplicity.

For rack lighting – salty snacks, sweet treats, and healthy choices – we used 13 Chase track spotlights, at 20W, 4000K and a rather narrow beam angle of 30 degrees. Chase is particularly useful for accent lighting – that is for displays that need to stand out against the background general lighting and need to draw shoppers’ attention.

For general lighting, over the cash desks, corridors and resting couches – we used Artus, a very elegant versatile luminaire that can be recessed, surface mounted or suspended. We used 27 Artus at 50W and 4000K.

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