Annabella is one of the largest modern retail chains in Romania, with 57 stores all across the country and over 730 employees. The retail chain has four store formats to cover all market needs: Annabella A-Z Concept Store, Annabella Fresh, a special concept for fruits & vegetable retail, Annabella Supermarket and Annabella Express - the proximity shop.

Annabella also features the Romanian brand Râureni that offers a large assortment of canned fruits and vegetables from local producers: delicious jams, 0% sugar-based ingredients, canned pickles, and highly appreciated products such as chestnut purée or rosehips paste.

Annabella Supermarket focuses on offering a wide range of everyday items near their customers' homes, located close to the urban and residential areas.

The supermarket requires long opening hours so that it's important to use efficient modern lighting solutions. Therefore, we installed our efficient Greentek Professional Line LED luminaires in the entire store.


The most colorful products in the store - meat, fruits and vegetables, cheese, and bread, are easily affected by the quality of light. We installed luminaires with special light colors for enhancing every fresh food group:

  • AGI special light color for fruits & vegetables
  • BVF for cheese, natural fruit juices and salads
  • FBS special color for fresh bread, pastries, and wine
  • FSM special color for fresh meat

We installed the special light colors into Caster track-mounted luminaires, with a wide range of distribution angles from the narrowest to the widest. Caster, an easily adjustable spotlight that rotates 350 degrees and pivots 90-degree, can be moved on the track with very little technical effort.


The use of Caster track-mounted spotlights equipped with FSM special light color highlights the inherent strong hue of the fresh meat, as it takes out the saturated red shades. For lighting cheese and natural juices, we used track-mounted Caster spotlights with BVF special light color. Their 30° narrow-angle beams ensure an optimal focus on the products and avoid interference with the other special colors in this area. This type of special light color highlights the appealing yellow shades of the cheese products, natural fruit juices, and tasty salads.


The highest average illumination level in the store – up to 1000 lx, is in the fruits & vegetable area and the Râureni canned-products corner, where shoppers take the time to study the brightly colored merchandise. For the accent lighting is this area we used the special light color AGI 3500K, equipped on the Caster spotlight. This way, the natural variety of colors of the fruits and vegetables will look fresh regardless of the season and their color because AGI has the capacity to highlight the whole color palette.

Râureni canned-products corner enjoys a warm, welcoming light provided by the Caster spotlights with special light color AGI 3000K. The 60° angle beam contributes to the uniform distribution of light throughout the surface, and the special color highlights the shimmering hues of the jams and compotes in each jar.


For the general lighting of the shelves area, we used our Lanka trunking system with double asymmetric angle beams that focuses the light beam on the shelves, avoiding wasted light on the floor. The average vertical illumination level on the merchandise placed on the shelves is 400 lx.

For general illumination, we used Lenyk TRK with 3000K for lighting parts of the corridors, without interfering with the special light colors areas nearby. Lenyk TRK is a flexible linear luminaire with individual lenses that precisely targets the desired objects and areas, no matter the mounting height. This means little-wasted light, and therefore, lower energy usage. The linear luminaires also underline the openness and the transparency of the entire store concept.

In this retail supermarket design, the spotlights and luminaires mounted on tracks are not only attractive, but they also give the lighting system a consistent look.  

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