Dr. Ion Popovici Dental Clinic

Dr. Ion Popovici dental clinic has been recently established in 2016 and distinguishes itself through high professional services and a strong desire to make its dental procedures as perfect as possible.

For this brand-new dental clinic in Bucharest, Dr. Ion Popovici chose Greentek and its recessed downlights and suspended luminaires - very suitable for general lighting in the dental office.

Dental clinic__Ion Popovici1_Greentek.png

Greentek light designers had to consider the needs of various audiences:

  • the doctors and nurses who perform the medical procedures require high focus and optimal illumination of the working area
  • the patients desire a pleasant experience that appeases their anxiety and makes them feel relaxed.

For these purposes, Greentek installed a mix of recessed and suspended luminaires, with powerful lumen packages above the dental chairs in the cabinets and lower lumen packages in the rest of the cabinet.

Dental clinic__Ion Popovici2_Greentek.png

On the edges of the dental office space, with a focus on creating a pleasant ambiance, Empire R recessed downlights were installed. Each has an angle of 55 degrees.

Above the dental chairs, Greentek light designers specified Ledge suspended luminaires -  at a ceiling height of 2.10 m. 

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