Metroffice, Iride City

Metroffice Bucharest, is a new office project that marks the extension of the already existing project Iride Business Park, developed by Immofinanz. The massive extension involves the creation of a future modern neighborhood – Iride City -  that will include office buildings, retail, entertainment and residential areas.

Metroffice was awarded the “Highly Commended” award at European Property Awards Development, 2016-2017.

The first office building of the Metroffice area was finished in 2016. It has six floors and measures approximately 20,000 square meters.


PORR offices, Metroffice building

Metroffice building reflect a more mobile, flat, collaborative workforce that sometimes demands comfort, sometimes privacy, sometimes openness and sometimes limited encounters.


PORR offices, Metroffice building

In the open workspaces, individual offices, executive offices, cubicles and meeting rooms, where the average illuminance level is 500 lx - we chose Kaypro recessed troffers with 4000K and different power packages: 38 W and 50 W for better uniformity.

Kaypro creates a modern office design through its simple and compact geometrical shape. It provides a positive and motivating ambiance which keeps performance at optimum levels during the entire day. These low UGR level (19) troffers reduce reflective or direct glare. In the working areas, we also provided Kaypro EM luminaires, with 1h emergency lighting kit.


PORR offices, Metroffice building

On the corridors, we chose Juniper R, a recessed luminaire with 4000K that offers a mellow, diffuse light for a comfortable atmosphere. The illumination level for corridors is about 150-300 lux depending on corridor type. For this area, we also provided Juniper R luminaires, with 1h emergency kit.

For the staircase and the technical rooms, we used Casey, a surface-mounted, waterproof lighting fixture. With an IP65 extra-protection factor, this luminaire is suitable for use in damp or dusty conditions. For this area, we also provided Casey luminaires, with 1h emergency lighting kit.

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