Sector 1 Gallery

Opened in 2017, Sector 1 Gallery started with the mission to bring back to life a forgotten space that would be fully dedicated to contemporary artwork. The art gallery is located in the premises of the Bucharest Compound Plastic Fund, a complex space consisting of various buildings. The space has a rich history that preserves elements of the original architecture, combining the industrial style with the modern elements.

Through the successful launch of Sector 1 Gallery, the whole Bucharest Compound Plastic Fund turns into a modern contemporary art center, hosting several galleries and workshops for artists. Particularly, Sector 1 is a contemporary art gallery that functions as a space that wants to contribute to the evolution of the contemporary artistic elite.


Starting from its inauguration, the art gallery promoted various successful contemporary artists from Cluj. The most recent exhibition: "Peisajul labirint"  (The Labyrinth Landscape) celebrates the 70th anniversary of Ioan Sbarciu, one of the most well-known artists and pedagogues from the elite of the Romanian contemporary art, professor of famous Cluj painters, collectively known as School of Cluj, an artist at his peak, completely devoted to his studio. The exhibition of the artist Ioan Sbarciu is a metaphor of the journey in his own pictorial practice.

To present the collection in just the right light, we used 31 Artus TRK linear luminaires and 9 Caster track spotlights in the art gallery's main hall and adjacent spaces.


The lighting design respects the mix between modern and industrial that we encounter in the gallery, specific to various art museums in the world. Modern track mounted luminaires and spotlights were installed on a track system that blends with the black ceiling. Our Artus TRK modern track linear luminaires with 110-degree angle beams spread a large amount of light towards the exhibition space.

Moreover, Artus TRK fixtures with 50W and 3000K color temperature act as wall washers. Then, Caster projectors with 42W and 30-degree angle beam complete the ceiling lighting with precise light, revealing the colors and textures of the exhibits. Caster is equipped with ART special color with CRI98. This special color is particularly used in art because it enhances colors and textures, while staying true to the original shades, form and concept, with excellent color rendering.


Paintings require a uniform, glare-free illumination, that enhances their artistic value, and the lighting should not damage them. The innovative LED technology we use meet the gallery requirements and is the only light source that contains no IR/UV rays. This significantly reduces the risk of colors fading or sensitive materials being damaged.   

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