Selgros Cash & Carry Small Concept Store

Selgros Cash & Carry, part of Transgourmet Holding launched in 2016 a new store concept, with a smaller footprint of about 5,000 sqm and a totally new design – much friendlier, colorful and approachable than the traditional hypermarket concept.

As Transgourmet Holding lighting provider, Greentek raised to the task and designed and implemented a lighting concept that created a totally new customer experience for Selgros customers.

The center piece of the lighting system were the special light colors for each major fresh food group:

  • BVF special color for fruit, vegetables and cheese
  • FBS special color for fresh bread, pastries and wine
  • FSH for fresh fish and seafood and
  • FSM and FZM special colors for fresh meat and frozen meat, respectively


These special color lights were installed into track luminaires – Caster, all with an angle of 45 degrees. Track luminaires have the advantage of being highly flexible, they are adjustable at 350 degrees with a 90-degree tilt. Thus, the retailer has the freedom to move produce display around and simply adjust the direction and the tilt of the luminaire without specialized help.


For general illumination, we used Galaxy Blade – with a 4000K and 120W pack.

For high shelving areas, such as cosmetics, books, toys and non-food products – Lanka was used. Lanka is a trunking system luminaire with asymmetric distribution lenses This means that the beam of light is directed precisely towards the merchandise on display, instead of being wasted on the floor.

For beverages and dry-food aisles we designed especially for this task – two types of luminaires, CRI and CRE. These are long luminaires that replace the typical fluorescent tubes lining the shelves. CRI is mounted on the inside of the shelf, thus illuminating the merchandise without a visible light source for the shopper. CRE is mounted on the outside of the shelf.


For the refrigerators and freezers Greentek used five types of linear luminaires with five types of special colors, depending on the merchandise on display.

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