Polaris Medical

Polaris Medical is the largest national rehabilitation hospital, located in Cluj, Romania. It has an area of 58.000 square meters, with plenty of green, outdoor spaces – suitable for physical and mental relaxation.

Various services are offered from cardiological, neurological and psychiatric rehabilitation all the way to palliative care.

Greentek was chosen as the preferred partner for the illumination project. Greentek light designers had to consider the needs of various audiences:

·         from doctors and nurses who perform medical procedures, therefore requiring high illumination for good performance, alertness, and focus

·         to patients’ needs - focused on wellbeing and,

·         visitors’ needs – centered around relaxation, calm and stress-alleviating ambiance.

For all these purposes we used a mix of office-grade luminaires with powerful lumen packages on areas where doctors worked and lower lumen packages for patients’ rooms and relaxation areas.

Examination rooms had an average illumination of 450 lx/sqm to enable staff to focus on detailed tasks such as reading charts, examining patients and keeping them focused. Here we used Kaypro with a 19 UGR factor in order to prevent annoying glare.

Storage rooms were also highly illuminated to enable staff to discriminate easily among various pill bottles and substances with small typefaces. Here, we installed an average illumination level of 550 lx/sqm, using again Kaypro luminaires.

Corridors and sanitary areas were illuminated at 200 lx, higher than the minimum value recommended in order to help patients feel safe and prevent accidents. For this area, we used Casey - a sturdy, energy-efficient, high protection luminaire.

Total installed power amounts to 47 kWh for the entire hospital, a much more energy-efficient solution than a standard lighting option.

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