Selgros Cash & Carry Germany

Selgros Cash & Carry is one of the leading cash & carry providers in Germany. Its stores offer over 67,000 food and non-food items and fulfill the needs of more than 1,6 million customers every year.

The new competitive edge for retailers is customer experience, especially in the fresh food sector, so our aim with this illumination project was to enhance the way people perceive the merchandise. Greentek designed and implemented a LED lighting system that supports and delivers an amazing customer experience for over 8 Selgros stores in Germany.

For this purpose, we used special light colors for each major food and non-food groups as following:

  • BVF special color for fruit, vegetables, and cheese
  • FBS special color for fresh bread, pastries, and wine
  • FSH for fresh fish and seafood and
  • FSM and FZM special colors for fresh meat and frozen meat, respectively
  • FAS for clothing, shoes and accessories


Chase and Caster are the track luminaires that we used in the lighting concept of Selgros.  These luminaires can be equipped with special color lights in order to enhance the produce vividness freshness.

For Selgros Leipzig, we used Caster - a track mounted spotlight with 3000K. Caster has the advantage of being easy to adjust at 350 degrees and 90-degree tilt. Moreover, it's easy to be moved around the track and to adjust its direction and the tilt without specialized help.


For Selgros Norderstedt, we also used Chase luminaire. Chase is mounted on a black track and can be rotated through 350-degree and pivoted through 90-degree as well.

For general illumination in the stores, we used Galaxy Blade, with 4000K. Galaxy Blade comes with wide range of beams - depending on the shelving and aisles layout.


For the high shelving area, where non-food products are displayed - we used Lanka IL luminaires. Lanka is a trunking system luminaire with individual lenses and double-asymmetric distribution. This means that the beam of light is directed precisely towards the merchandise on display, instead of being wasted on the floor.


All the dry food and beverages aisles received two types of luminaires, specially designed for these areas, CRI and CRE. These long luminaires successfully replace the typical fluorescent tubes lining the shelves. CRE is mounted on the outside part of the shelf and illuminate the opposite shelf. CRI is mounted on the inside part of the shelves and illuminates the shelf from a perspective that's invisible to the customer. 




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