How we work and how offices look like as a result, has changed tremendously. From cubicles to open spaces, modular and flexible arrangements – workspace has started to reflect the needs of a more mobile, flat, collaborative workforce that demand comfort and privacy.

LED office lighting has to support several functions, beyond workforce requirements: it can showcase your brand and corporate culture, it can increase productivity, well-being, and happiness and finally, it creates significant savings, both in energy and maintenance effort.

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  • Major energy savings contributing to reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Intelligent lighting to optimize wellbeing, health and productivity

  • Long service life – 50,000h of service at 90% luminous flux


Entrances & Reception

Choose luminaires with elegant and inviting design. Use cool light temperatures for retail and warmer temperatures for hotels and restaurants.

Corridors & Stairways

Use intelligent light management systems, allowing for dimming up or dimming down depending on presence. High energy savings.

Executive Offices

Mix office-grade luminaires for the workplace with architectural luminaires for the informal area of the office.

Open Plan Offices

Open plan offices high a high illuminance level in order to sustain productivity and motivation. Sound-absorbent luminaires are the perfect option for noisy spaces.

Meeting Rooms

Plan your lighting project for a variety of purposes: serious work, relaxation or creative brainstorming. Each purpose can have its own tailormade lighting.



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NN Insurance

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Microsoft Timisoara

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Jeka Turism Office

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Jazz Office

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Microsoft Bucharest

The project is a compelling showcase for using Human Centric Lighting in office spaces. Positive outcomes are perceptible: increase in performance, concentration and overall employee well-being, leading to superior retention rates. Leveraging HCL's versatility, Corvin Cristian Studio designed an innovative architectural solution using Greentek' s suspended luminaries with light emerging from black cones, allowing to avoid glare on the monitor screens or overloading sight. The solution was designed to create a dramatic effect on architectural elements - pillars bathed in natural light replicating natural light temperatures, additional light spots highlighting the freshness of natural plants andlight fixtures specially designed for long corridors. And it can all be controlled using cutting edge technology: a smart lighting solution which offers both a standard scenario as well as user configurable scenarios to meetspecific lighting needs - in full compliance with lighting regulations. At the core of the solution lays Greentek's Ennio (LIT Awards) - a versatile suspended luminaire projecting light both upwards and downwards. With its tunable white and PI-LED technology Ennio allows its users to adjust light color temperature to reflect their needs or moods: from warm to cold, in a range between 2700K - 6500K along Planckian curve in the course of a day, giving the interior spaces the feeling of natural light. since the 1500s is reproduced below for those interested. Sections 1.10.32 and 1.10.33 from “de Finibus Bonorum et Malorum” by Cicero are also reproduced in their exact original form, accompanied by English versions from the 1914translation by H. Rackham.
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Metroffice, Iride City

Metroffice Bucharest, is a new office project that marks the extension of the already existing project Iride Business Park, developed by Immofinanz. The massive extension involves the creation of a future modern neighborhood – Iride City -  that will include office buildings, retail, entertainment and residential areas. Metroffice was awarded the “Highly Commended” award at European Property Awards Development, 2016-2017. The first office building of the Metroffice area was finished in 2016. It has six floors and measures approximately 20,000 square meters. PORR offices, Metroffice building Metroffice building reflect a more mobile, flat, collaborative workforce that sometimes demands comfort, sometimes privacy, sometimes openness and sometimes limited encounters. PORR offices, Metroffice building In the open workspaces, individual offices, executive offices, cubicles and meeting rooms, where the average illuminance level is 500 lx - we chose Kaypro recessed troffers with 4000K and different power packages: 38 W and 50 W for better uniformity. Kaypro creates a modern office design through its simple and compact geometrical shape. It provides a positive and motivating ambiance which keeps performance at optimum levels during the entire day. These low UGR level (19) troffers reduce reflective or direct glare. In the working areas, we also provided Kaypro EM luminaires, with 1h emergency lighting kit. PORR offices, Metroffice building On the corridors, we chose Juniper R, a recessed luminaire with 4000K that offers a mellow, diffuse light for a comfortable atmosphere. The illumination level for corridors is about 150-300 lux depending on corridor type. For this area, we also provided Juniper R luminaires, with 1h emergency kit. For the staircase and the technical rooms, we used Casey, a surface-mounted, waterproof lighting fixture. With an IP65 extra-protection factor, this luminaire is suitable for use in damp or dusty conditions. For this area, we also provided Casey luminaires, with 1h emergency lighting kit.
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Transgourmet Office

Transgourmet Holding is the specialist in supplying large-scale consumers from the hospitality industry. With a focus on fresh fruit and vegetables, dairy products, frozen food, fish, seafood and fresh meat, Transgourmet is one of the leading companies on the market. Greentek took the challenge to provide a LED lighting system that would support all the functions of the mobile, collaborative workforce that will occupy the new office building, a workforce who demands comfort and privacy as well as openness and flexibility. The centerpiece of the lighting concept is the complete automatization of the lighting system. There are absolutely no switches mounted on the walls, the whole illumination being controlled by sensors. Through daylight harvesting, the LED lighting system is designed to make the most of the natural daylight. Our sensors measure the natural light, throughout the day, adjusting the intensity of the LED lighting system. In Transgourmet Office building, the sensors have predefined profiles for specific rooms: open spaces, meeting rooms, corridors, and bathrooms. Our sensors provide efficient lighting by dimming up the light if someone travels the corridors or enters an office room and dimming down the illumination if there is no movement. For the staircase that connects the basement with the upper floors, we used the corridor function. This function sequentially lights up luminaires one by one, effectively following the movement of employees. The illumination level for corridors is about 150-300 lux depending on corridor type. We used Artus R and Juniper S - a white recessed luminaire with an optimized mechanical and electrical design that offers a high illuminance level and high uniformity. For the open workspaces and individual offices where the average illuminance level is 500 lx - we chose Kaypro troffers. Kaypro creates a modern office environment and provides maximum visual comfort. In the meeting rooms, where the recommended average illuminance level is about 500 lx - we used Artus S, a suspended luminaire for a pleasant light and a discreet design. For the appealing bistro area - we used Artus R. Artus R is a recessed luminaire with 4000K that offers a mellow, diffuse light for a cozy atmosphere where employees can enjoy a pleasant and relaxing break. Artus R is mounted here in the wooden beams that visually separate the three functional areas - the corridor, the reception area and the bistro.
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Colliers is a leader is commercial real estate services, operating in 66 countries. For the Romanian office, Greentek Lighiting provided the luminaires.
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EA Games

AFI2 is one of the most acclaimed office buildings in Bucharest, home to EA Games Romania. It is also one of the projects that garnered a lot of positive press coverage from an office design point of view. Running a global operation with shared services (including IT security) and hundreds of programmers – in double daily shifts to also cover US time zones - cannot be accomplished only by drinking coffee and snacking on sweets. You also need the right light to support their spark and concentration. And this was Greentek’s task: to provide a LED lighting system that supports its people’s well-being, the EA brand associations, and EA mission: inspire the world to play - while being kind to the environment as well. The challenge So how did we do that? In partnership with architect Anda Manu from AMA Design who developed the office design concept, we brought the light to play. We made sure light told a different story on each of the building’s 10 floors. Each floor was designed according to the environment in various EA games from FIFA to Battlefield and NHL. Greentek’s light designers thus had to imagine how the light would look on a StarWars battleship and create it accordingly. Or how shiny and energetic a football field would feel. For the Arena, we used Chase track spotlights and Juniper recessed spotlights. For the open work spaces – we thought programmers and designers had enough noise to program inside their own games, to not tolerate a loud background noise in the office. So we placed recessed Kaypro luminaires with sound-absorption properties, creating a virtual individual workspace for each employee. And for the amazing reception area – we used outdoor Myriaky luminaires to create an industrial, energetic mood, typical for  the EA brand. The industrial feel was also enhanced by a high-bay luminaire, resembling a large reflector lamp – Kaven. Kaven was equipped with colored LEDs – so each one emitted a different color – red, green, blue and so on. Besides telling stories with light, Greentek also had to cover the more practical aspects of the lighting system specifically project sustainability: while LED technology is by design the most energy-efficient solution compared to all other lighting alternatives, the LED solution can be enhanced by intelligent lighting control systems. The intelligent lighting system in the EA offices is based on daylight harvesting and hundreds of presence sensors. Daylight harvesting function -LightOptimal- means adjusting the output of the luminaires based on the quantity of natural light present in the room, to create an energetic yet comfortable space, in tune with our biorhythm. Natural light is the most beneficial type of light for all of us but sadly, we spend 90% of our time indoors – under artificial light. Given the long hours that programmers work, we had to propose a solution that made the most of the natural daylight through sensors and automated controls. Presence sensors ensured that light was dimmed up or down depending on whether somebody traveled the corridors or entered a meeting room. Basically, you had light walking with you. Which is sort of StarWars-nice, isn’t it? The results The solution implemented counts 1,080 LED lighting fixtures, with a total consumption of 38.5 kWh, encompassing: 750 troffers of 60x60cm and a total consumption of 30 kWh 40 troffers of 30x120cm – total consumption of 1.6 kWh 290 downlights – total consumption of 6.96 kWh. Overall benefits count over 40% less lighting fixtures than any alternative solution based on traditional technologies. Additionally, LED luminaires on their own are 70% more energy efficient, and, when daylight harvesting function -LightOptimal- and PIR sensors are added, the energy savings of the entire building amounts up to 88%. To these benefits, we could also count the savings coming from zero maintenance work – since LED luminaires have a lifespan of over 50.000h and come with Greentek 5-year „no matter what” guarantee. On the other hand, traditional luminaires have to be serviced, on average, at least once every 2 years.
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